Welfare Checks

I am watching what was once a very entertaining YouTube fitness channel called “Physiques of Greatness” also known as “POG”.  I enjoyed watching Chris Jones and Vince G. promote bodybuilding, answering questions, and their occasional shenanigans.  Overtime, they created shirts (like most fitness YouTubers) and got into the supplement manufacturing game. So… Vince dropped out of the scene for a while, two years according to … Continue reading Welfare Checks

Review: Fear the Walking Dead – “Cobalt”

In this episode, we had the opportunity to learn more about the characters of the series and their perspective within the new world better know as the zombie apocalypse. There is a man known as the”Closer” who sizes up every opportunity and uses every situation to his advantage.  Sending one man into the depths of a psychotic abyss while saving Nick Clark from death. This could … Continue reading Review: Fear the Walking Dead – “Cobalt”

Fear the Walking Dead

“If it happens then, it will happen quickly.” It starts with horror inside and abandoned church that escalates into a waking nightmare for everyone in Los Angeles, California.  Like an intravenous-drip, the slow acceptance of a world falling into literal decay;  the various psychoses brought on by the zombie apocalypse.  The love-hate relationships. Even in the face of death, we are unable to remove ourselves from old habits, … Continue reading Fear the Walking Dead