Broken Window

A young woman spent Many years behind a window Guarding her fragility Until one day The glass breaks from A single tear drop Exposing her loneliness As each day Different faces pass by The broken window stopping to Gaze at the young woman’s appearance Before continuing on their way Some stay a moment just to Say “hello” neither waiting For her reply nor allowing A … Continue reading Broken Window


The night consumed by silence; presence has disappeared with the days. Sleep becomes the hope; the heart absorbs what the mind could not endure. The air becomes cold and heavy upon the lungs; the pillows stained from someone’s tears. Death appears in a dream; unspeakable words echoes in the darkness. The morning sun casting faint shadows; memories hovering in the room. Spirits of “what was” … Continue reading Haunted

Shaded Memories

Resentment spiraling A night in disarray Passion draped against Thirsty lips dehydrated From a body deprived Fingers trail along The lines of absence Essence hides behind The cover of excuses Relinquishing control To spontaneity Middle of the night Stumbling in the darkness The taste of wine lingers Marinating with a Heavy migraine Faint moonlight Casts a beacon Pointing the way Past the aftermath Shaded memories … Continue reading Shaded Memories