Review: Supernatural -“Baby”

This is my favorite one of the season, so far.  The episode, titled “Baby”, takes place from the perspective of being inside Dean’s ’67 Impala.  The show’s writer is Robbie Thompson and creatively directed by Thomas J. Wright. Sam and Dean take on a case, in Oregon.  Their first stop is at a roadhouse where Sam ends up in backseat with a waitress.  As they continue on … Continue reading Review: Supernatural -“Baby”


Time remembers what we have forgotten; those moments feigned a dream, our reality misbegotten.  We said “I love you” when we should have said” I’m lonely without you.”  My god, what were we thinking, impulses of our youth to pledge our demise wearing trinkets. The dos and do nots hanging beneath the expectations; emotions lodged within our throats, choking the communication.  The catastrophes unforeseen, at … Continue reading Breach