My spirit held captive, as I listened to the rain; reflections of an inhabitant, emotions speckled on the pane. A night of contemplation, soul-searching restlessness; tormented by a raven, reaching the point of emptiness. Feeling the pull of your memoir those pages cutting my skin; your voice is a reservoir consuming my mind again. Your name was never forgotten, your lips have left their … Continue reading Domicile


Voices echo from the halls of distant memories; the sky darkened by migrating shadows. Love was found at the height of appeal; that moment of joy arrived quickly and deteriorated rapidly. Life consumed the space reserved for happiness; absence of trust broke our hearts and shattered our perceptions. We know the question and fear the answer; wondering if we will see another sunrise.   Continue reading Sunset

In the End

Another night spent tossing-and-turning; hot and cold sensations keeping pace with the quiet commotion. Not sure what I am wrestling with; my mood is fine but there is a feeling of twisted darkness within.  I am aware of the turmoil this season brings; seeing the pieces of animosity gathering as a pile of dust around me. I promised to end the plight of expectations, this … Continue reading In the End