One Day

Quiet nights spent lying on a bed of nails, feeling the pricks of tearful dreams. My conscious mind whispering judgment, telling me that it can never be; a broken heart, denying its true feelings for the sake of expectation. A lie meant to build barriers, to prevent me from seeing the beauty of the possibility. These quaking hands touching the pieces of hope, tiny wisps … Continue reading One Day


Love denied a longing touch; Her presence forsaken Inner beauty ignored. Unable to cope, Fading from view. Locked away within a refuge Built upon delusions. Etching symbols Upon the ground; Falling into trances. Calling his name. An arrival Ushered by A thousand wings; Her eyes caught Within his gaze. His lips carry A promise; Adoration for eternity Sealed upon A kiss In exchange For an … Continue reading Fallen


He sits there Hoping she will Say something She says nothing Hoping he will Say something He sits there Quietly observing The way she pretenses Her thoughts Erratically She says nothing Listening to his silence Create a vocabulary of Unspoken words His sits there Silently watching The way she changes Her moods Sporadically She says nothing About the text message She received with His words … Continue reading Secrets