Review: The Walking Dead – “Always Accountable”

We finally get to see Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha in action.  They spent the last few episodes taking a herd of walkers on a Sunday drive and were in the background for about five episodes. Things start with an ambush.  Daryl narrowly escapes into the woods while Sasha and Abraham lay down a lethal assault on their attackers.  I am wondering if the ones who … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead – “Always Accountable”


Another year is subsiding; I have lost track of time. The smell of despair fills the room. Sleep is nothing but an illusion, thoughts of “what is” and “what was” scribbling on the walls. So many once promised love; there was one who offered something much deeper. A beautiful connection, deeply rooted beneath the surface of affection. The word “love” was never spoken; the sentiment … Continue reading Connected