Surrounded by the Night

Sitting across the table Sharing a quiet moment, Tasting liquid goodness From one steamy cup. Staring at her face, Hoping to catch a glimpse Within her thoughts Tempted by imaginations. Following the trail, Paved by her touch, Along smooth ceramic lines Shaping our momentary bliss. Listening to the chaos Outside; the comfort of A sanctuary forged by Two beating hearts. Oblivious to the sun Setting … Continue reading Surrounded by the Night


A man, desiring to end a lonely existence, seeks a woman as his soul mate.  Fate concealed in the guise of coincidence drew him to her.  He saw her beauty from a distance; the way she looked at him connected their hearts…joining their souls.  Obstacles and tragedies prevented them from being together.  His need for her was overpowering; longing turned to desperation so, the man reached out to … Continue reading Paciscor