Lately… I find myself disinterested, Disenchanted with these moments. Disgusted from the faces of Friendly perpetrators Spreading their disinformation. Disengaged due to the politics Infecting the culture; dissatisfied With the decisions born in a vacuüm. My presence abandoned, Dismissed due to the pursuit Of nobility. Lately… I find myself disappointed With my expectations. Continue reading Dissed

Luce del Tramonto

Sun setting Upon still waters; Fading light of A mirror’s reflection. Staring at the stories Etched upon papyrus made flesh; Breathing  between joy and pain. Touching the platinum strands Hiding within the ebony whiskers; Thinking about the dusty roads Revealing the marks of abandoned footprints. Feeling the evening breeze; Hearing the wind chimes Play its last song. Continue reading Luce del Tramonto