I watched an exotic woman inhaling the heat of a burning cigarette; she stood in front of her natural silhouette blowing eclectic rings of smoke into the early morning light. Her eyes remained closed; her body upright and motionless. The unfiltered vapors of  thought, transforming manifestations from the incantations of familiar frustrations. She summoned calmness from the root of nicotine; the stillness of her presence conjured Serenity from the … Continue reading Seance


They met out of mutual appreciation towards their artistic expressions, becoming slaves of free will; incarcerated within their choices. She wanted to be with him to follow his footprints, no matter, wherever; even if the journey led to Hell. His fingerprints smudged deeply upon, her soul. She said three words that left him devastated; Her lips now covered with silence. Sitting in limbo trying to … Continue reading Enchantment