Walking along the cobblestone road Stepping upon the familiarity; The smell of autumn still lingers. Falling in love; Refusing to admit it. Thoughts lie To protect our state of being; Wrestling with the truth To understand our state of mind. Will we embrace The darkness within; Allowing the sun to set upon An apology, placing a consenting Shadow on the healing scar? Fighting to keep … Continue reading Veil

Southern Comfort

Traces of heat cutting the thin ice into Footprints. The sensual steps of A seductive form blessed with grace. Beauty pulling the light towards her silhouette Revealing within her eyes a secret and a dare. Her body refined in its appearance Yet unrestrained in her dealings; the Touches of her smooth skin against the Day’s abrasions heal the reopened wounds. She wears the scent of comfort. … Continue reading Southern Comfort


The year continues proving itself A struggle; The decisions made From years past were not without Consequences. Time is no longer affording Second chances, Laughing at the wishes Cast within the fountain. Another day spent, Shackled between the stones, Irreparable and unchanging Conditions without the way of Escape. There are days when Death seems preferable; Relishing the intrigue of Resting in the bosom of The … Continue reading Failing

Review: Jessica Jones

Hell’s Kitchen, New York, a camera reveals images of decadent infidelity.  Jessica Jones, a freelance private investigator, stalks a perp for her client, Jeryn Hogarth. Jessica’s adventure begins with a visit from the parents of a missing girl named Hope; they said someone from the police station referred them.  A revelation is difficult to believe.  She obtains information and begins her investigation.  We also learn … Continue reading Review: Jessica Jones