It feels like I died long ago; Waking to an unwanted revival. Drenched from a flaming baptism, Soaked in anguish. Observing opportunities masquerading as Angelic delights; the brood Masking deception with discretion. My spirit feels the curse rising from the ground; My body collapses beneath the heavy rain. Those desires to change the world Deemed a misdemeanor; my sweet dreams Cast upon the smoldering coals, … Continue reading Smoldering


A relationship built Upon romantic gestures The big bang of expectations. He said what she wanted To hear because she would Not accept the truth. She anguished over what She could not have. The unexplained drama Deepening the remorse Within a memory. The unanswered texts Denying the request For a moment. He presumed Too much, Leaving without a reason To love him. She assumed Too … Continue reading Perspective