Review: The Walking Dead – “Start to Finish”

The mid-season finale.  Last week, we rejoiced at Glenn Rhee resurrection from his perpetrated death and absence from the show for three-weeks; we felt the shifting perplexity of hope and despair within the Alexandria community.  Tonight, we saw the weight of the world come crashing down on them. This episode resembled The Walking Dead comic-book issue #82; walkers are everywhere and there is no optimism in … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead – “Start to Finish”


Day and night lay intertwined Beneath the blankets of loneliness. She stares transfixed upon Moisture stained glass; Artificial twinkle Imitating happiness. Her heart beats broken melodies Evoking another storm; Ripples of traumatic memoirs Cascading against erupting thunder. Imaginations crumble Beneath the condescending Reality. She closes her eyes, Wishing the darkness Will dissipate the mood. Continue reading Sable