Cold Night of Redemption

The darkness of night collapses around a small town. Out of the shadows, a man appears, running for his life. “It’s done and over,” he tells himself; running towards the black sedan, pulse racing with excitement. Heavy rainfall soaks him to the bone while fumbling for the car keys in his jacket pocket. He tosses the heavy green duffel bag into the backseat and then … Continue reading Cold Night of Redemption

Review: Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot – Part Two”

Traveling back to the year 1975 (I was about 7 years old by the way) to either capture or kill Vandal Savage.  Part one of ‘Pilot” brought the team together and part two of this episode gave them a purpose.  In part two, we watched the team pick up the pieces and build a plan to take down Savage in Norway.  We learn that Vandal … Continue reading Review: Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot – Part Two”

Every Moment is A Story

“Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.” ― Charles Bukowski (War All the Time) These moments reek of untold stories. Obscure trinkets in time both shiny and dull. Lessons slipping beyond our reach. Rare opportunities to reflect and remember. —————– Working on new content for my YouTube channel…be sure to subscribe. Write Now And Later: Continue reading Every Moment is A Story

Review: Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House

Last Saturday night, I took my girls out for an evening of dining at Emeril’s New Orléans Fish House in the MGM Hotel. My experience has always been great and I could hardly wait to try some great food. The “Alligator Meatballs” with the Collard Greens was a new appetizer for me.  I’ve eaten alligator before however, this was the best tasting alligator I’ve ever consumed.  That … Continue reading Review: Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House