Review: The Walking Dead “East”

“I’m going like I should have. Don’t come after me, please.” – Carol Carol’s departure is just the beginning of the end; we hear the song, “It’s All Over” by Johnny Cash.  We see the various relationships and connections both good and bad.  Everyone acting on impulses as they fear the impending attack from the Saviors.  The goodbye note is both a farewell and confessional. … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead “East”

Candy Land

Every night and every day we see some candy behind the glass display. Predetermined goodies for consumption; those cream-filled morsels upfront to tantalize our presumptions. Vanilla treats beneath the lights; devoid of illumination are those dark chocolate delights. We took pity on the cookies and cream ignoring the chocolate dreams as they melted away. Continue reading Candy Land

Review: Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice

I watched “Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice”.  It wasn’t as bad as some critics indicated but it wasn’t great either.  There were many things put into this movie.  Some things connected the story well and other things did not.  The beginning was decent, the middle was okay, and the ending was disappointing. Just like “Man of Steel”, Superman remained uncertain of his place … Continue reading Review: Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice