Review: X-Men Apocalypse

On Friday, I watched the film “X-Men: Apocalypse”. The plot was very obvious, the worlds oldest and most powerful mutant awakens to destroy the world. It is 1983, about ten years after the events of “Days of Future Past”.  The arc for many of the characters in the film was coming out of hiding to take a stand. Charles Xavier After the events of “First Class” and “Days … Continue reading Review: X-Men Apocalypse

Review: The Flash – “The Race of His Life”

The loss of his father, in the same place where he lost his mother, pushes Barry toward a dark place.  There is no time to grieve nor time to mourn.  Evil creating anger, anger consuming logic, and friends intervene.  The ones closest to Barry made a tough decision for his well-being that put Joe West in danger. The villain makes a simple request, “Let’s see … Continue reading Review: The Flash – “The Race of His Life”