Pixie Magic

  Summer solstice, the longest point of light illuminates The sinister dealings of a woman scribe; seeking to wage A war over a set of “screenshots”. I read her message, contained in a lengthy email. Her emotions layered within the unexpected dissertation Addressed to the leader of her wanton madness. The indelible ink carrying her side of some “tragic” story Casually leaving out pieces of … Continue reading Pixie Magic

Last Days

Babies born from battered wombs.  People becoming animals and biting the hands that feed them.  We long for sleep, watching the sunset becoming the sunrise.  Everything is transforming into a giant cluster-f*ck. Our choices never belonged to us. Surrounded by people who prove themselves unreliable.  Time away from the madness no longer helps; vacations are just band-aids treating a knife wound.  Despite the personal anguish, people are … Continue reading Last Days