The plot thickens; he played the game So timid, so close to victory, tasting a hint of defeat. The game of his life, trashed and trodden Beneath unexpected cowardice. Jack Daniels slowly evaporating Within the cool glass; nerves Growing numb to personal sentiments Listening to “insensitivity” plea for attention. Clinging to that moment, promising something different; Feeling the heat of amber Hooch eating away The … Continue reading Insensitive

Dirty Deeds

The illumination of hope a presence defiled full of promises and deception beneath their tainted smile. The lyrics sung like angels reminiscent of lullabies flowing along their melodic lies. The spirit of kindness buried in the sands of time memories lost, the future sublime. The darkness consumes us
, our hearts are cold. Blood on the parchment we have lost our souls. Continue reading Dirty Deeds