You no longer have a place to belong and fit in. We both know you never really did. They get inside your head to rattle you Taking away the comfort and ease. The tactic is a method to discredit you. Ripping the emotions from your sleeve. It is the culture of corporate thinking. Bullying for the sake of reputation. You can fight back. You can … Continue reading Besieged

Best Night

Saturday night, October 28, 2017, we went to dinner at Emeril’s Fish House at the MGM Las Vegas. It was a special occasion. VJ Germano greeted us, his warmth and elation to see us set the tone for a beautiful meal. He remembered all of the items we ordered during our last visit, which always amazes me. He makes us feel like family. For an … Continue reading Best Night


Demons hiding in the glow of their fluorescent light. Bastards drunk with power, bearing their gifts of despair. Our inheritance they deny. They poison our minds; they torment our lives. We die, for the sake of their wickedness. This soil is ours; the clean air we will breathe, for free. No more paper promises. Let’s release the dogs of war. Continue reading Hounds