Protests appeal to the light; interpretations are appalling. Peace, assaulted with aggression. It never wanted to fight. Shadows decide their targets, defined by the shades of hue. Violence destroys the unsuspecting; the truth is known only by a few. Hands held together, to pray as we’ve done before. Using all we have; doubt has no place in this war. Continue reading Shades

Review: The Punisher

Frank Castle returns as “The Punisher” in the latest Netflix | Marvel television show.  Season one picks up several months after Castle’s appearance in Daredevil season two when we see him eliminating various cartel members, assassin style.  After his work his done, he is given a new identity as “Pete”, and he is a construction worker.  The memories of his family’s execution continue to haunt him.  An incident involving … Continue reading Review: The Punisher