I dabble in art, I love to write, and I am finding my way back to my childhood dreams.

My published work includes the poem” Touch of the Artist” for a book titled “Love Notes: A Collection of Romantic Poetry” by Vagabondage Press (January 2012) and the poem “Stained Glass” was published in a monthly showcase of poets across the internet called Poetic License (November 2010).

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”

Shannon L. Alder

At a very early age, I enjoyed writing fiction. I wrote mysteries, action, and drama. My hobby also involved drawing comic book art; I loved completing pencil illustrations based on some of my favorite comic book characters. I decided that creating comic books was my dream job until I shared my desire with my mother, who told me that it was not a real job. That response left me feeling devastated. I never liked confrontation; therefore, I never challenged my parents’ viewpoint of my place in life; this was my turning point and moment of regret.

I left home at the age of eighteen by joining the military. I was not happy with my duties, and after nearly nine years of service, I left the military without knowing what I wanted to do in life. This situation plagued me for decades as I moved on from one employment to the next. I convinced myself to have a career in some form of corporate life. No matter how hard I worked for success, everything I touched became stagnant; every morning, I woke up feeling demotivated and frustrated. I keep returning to that moment in time, wondering, if I challenged my mother’s comment and pursued my interest then would I have a life of fulfillment. Who knows?

I share this story with everyone, hoping that it helps one person facing a similar situation to find the courage to pursue his or her life’s dream despite the objections. We cannot change the past, but we can affect the present. Do not let anyone stop you from doing the things you believe are beneficial towards achieving your dream.

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  1. Thanks David for liking my post. Continue to strive to be the best at fulfilling your childhood dreams. I will check out the rest of your blog. Maybe I can learn a few tips from you. Blessings.


  2. I wanted to drop by and thank you for stopping by my blog and liking it, it is appreciated. Excellent review of “Deadpool” I’ll check it out now. Keep the faith and cheers.

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  3. Thanks for following my blog “Meenas Poems”.
    I should go through your poems.
    Wish to publish mine too.
    Hope you like my poems. your opinion would be much appreciated.


  4. Hi David, the first line in your about post is going to be stuck in me for quite some time. Absolutely loved it, you have an amazing talent in writing. Cheers to new friendship! Your new follower 🙂 – Cezane

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