Review: Supernatural -“Baby”

This is my favorite one of the season, so far.  The episode, titled “Baby”, takes place from the perspective of being inside Dean’s ’67 Impala.  The show’s writer is Robbie Thompson […]


Time remembers what we have forgotten; those moments feigned a dream, our reality misbegotten.  We said “I love you” when we should have said” I’m lonely without you.”  My god, […]


The moonlight, weird and warped, barely shines through the gray matter. We raced, without stopping, to a place in time where the former hates the latter. Moments, dripping like blood, […]

Tainted Perspective

Midway through the beginning of a new birth; being born again in the same body carries the same complexities and irony. We can never go back; perspective allows us to […]


Living beneath the eclipse, blind from the absence of light. Wishes made in silence; the day feigned by the night. Time ridicules the memories; the wind removes the rain. The […]