Starting Over

Another night reflecting… Holding an old pen to calm these Disgruntled thoughts, spilling on the Filthy paper; awakened by the emptiness. Remembering our quiet moments, especially The casual discussions at […]

Review: The Walking Dead – “Thank You”

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “Thank You” continued the intensity and had an unexpected ending. The episode opened with Rick’s group making their way back toward the Alexandria […]

I Am

The darkness seeks to devour the light. I felt the wind and believed it was the breath of God; the presence unseen. For six days, the hands of man work […]


The weird dreams Have become a part of me; To be or not to be. There are some things I wish to change, Some things on my mind I need […]


The clock is ticking, losing the light of day. seconds are slipping; moments wasting away. Words tasting bland, sentiments cannot season. roses dying in our hand; tomorrow surrendered without reason. […]