Soul Riding Winds

Influences of adversity Pushing forward Moving my presence Towards absurdity Music absorbing The reverberation of Negative thoughts Ready to close Weeping eyes and Let spontaneity take Control putting this Reality […]

2:00 A.M.

  The rain finally subsides, allowing the moon to show its brevity of light on a couple’s inner sanctum. Their restless thoughts becoming whispers of an exchanging conversation; the feeling […]

Marvel Monthly

Since Marvel Comics is planning to begin their reboot in October, I will be presenting/discussing my favorite story arcs on YouTube.


My mind is processing the world in a very surreal kind of way.  Annoyed by the light dusting of precipitation; the expectation something more profound.  It could be the smell of […]

Holiday Spirits

June 2009, a man and woman bumped into each other by happenstance; their roads intersecting at the point of an unexpected void. The relationship started as nothing more than cordial […]