Review: Batman #44

I read Batman issue number forty-four, written by Scott Snyder and pencilled by Brian Azzarello.  The story takes place post “Zero Year”.  Batman is investigating the murder of a teenage boy […]

Tu Me Manques

My nights were endless; the beating of rain reminding me of all that I lost. My hope exchanged for contentment; I surrendered beneath the weight of unhappiness, my soul suffered […]


Tonight, he arrives hoping to find Her waiting; the rooms are empty, The windows covered. For so long, he left the lights on Believing she would return to take up […]

My Fifteen Minutes of Flame

This story took place in May 2009. After a late evening out with the family, I got famished. We decided to stop by a local KFC / Pizza Hut. Things […]

Fresh Sand

Salt air Clearing away obscurity Revealing a lost love Waiting on jagged stones Dulled by her patience Her endless adoration Flowing like ocean waves Crashing against my soul Wanting winds […]