My spirit held captive, as I listened to the rain; reflections of an inhabitant, emotions speckled on the pane. A night of contemplation, soul-searching restlessness; tormented by a raven, […]


Voices echo from the halls of distant memories; the sky darkened by migrating shadows. Love was found at the height of appeal; that moment of joy arrived quickly and deteriorated rapidly. […]

In the End

Another night spent tossing-and-turning; hot and cold sensations keeping pace with the quiet commotion. Not sure what I am wrestling with; my mood is fine but there is a feeling […]

Review: Supernatural -“Baby”

This is my favorite one of the season, so far.  The episode, titled “Baby”, takes place from the perspective of being inside Dean’s ’67 Impala.  The show’s writer is Robbie Thompson […]


Time remembers what we have forgotten; those moments feigned a dream, our reality misbegotten.  We said “I love you” when we should have said” I’m lonely without you.”  My god, […]