I Am

The darkness seeks to devour the light. I felt the wind and believed it was the breath of God; the presence unseen. For six days, the hands of man work […]


The weird dreams Have become a part of me; To be or not to be. There are some things I wish to change, Some things on my mind I need […]


The clock is ticking, losing the light of day. seconds are slipping; moments wasting away. Words tasting bland, sentiments cannot season. roses dying in our hand; tomorrow surrendered without reason. […]


Morning light strays Across her weary eyes; Feelings quietly disappeared Along with the night. Her hand touches Abandoned sheets Emptiness scars her soul. Unable to face the sun, She lays […]


I have forgotten the smell of spring rain; the birth of joy a distant memory. Cherry blossoms fell like snow; trampled by the feet of dockets. I was burned by […]