Surrounded by the Night

Sitting across the table Sharing a quiet moment, Tasting liquid goodness From one steamy cup. Staring at her face, Hoping to catch a glimpse Within her thoughts Tempted by imaginations. […]


A man, desiring to end a lonely existence, seeks a woman as his soul mate.  Fate concealed in the guise of coincidence drew him to her.  He saw her beauty from a distance; […]

Shades of Night

Shades of night Gradually filter away The day’s tragedy Her weary heart Nestled softly Within his arms Soft caress as Time’s gentle ticks Turn into lullabies Thoughts become still Falling […]

Mercury in Retrograde

Sleep was nothing but a myth; nightmares ruled the day. Vocabulary limited to an apology, strength dwindled beneath the weight of pity. It was a slow progression on broken glass […]

Twenty Oh Nine

Phantoms rise; Circling vapors carry Unavoidable tandem. Delight abandons the sky, Frightened by gruesome reflections; Images no longer are hidden Behind the veil. Contentious desires falling Among devilish illusions; Drowning […]