Tears on My Skin

The melody of your voice hard to hear in the distance the sound quiets gradually vanishing into the blowing wind The image of your body becomes lost with time as […]


Torrential rain,downpour,torturous drops saturatingthe psyche. Flooding with psychosis. Thoughts flowing,searching for stability;keeping reason from drowningwithin insanity. Tears drip,mingling among the drizzle,as the storm subsides. Shimmering light reflectsupon standing puddlesfrom the […]

Fading Away

Traveling Roads; Hope misguided Becoming lost. Believing Answers; Faith misplaced, Becoming lonely. Seeking Purpose; Chance misrepresented, Becoming empty. Body broken, Mind weary, Spirit contrite. A brittle existence. Shattering Into dust; […]

Stained Glass

Fingerprints, On my window, Reflecting Stained glass Randomness Blurring The light of day. Like frosted Memories, Reaching out From my past, Seeking to touch My psyche One last time.


listening to the wind pushing rain against the glass; voices crying out to me from the darkness of my past. thinking about the time my heart lost its conviction; I […]