The Hot and Steamy

Alarm clock… I wake up to see her staring at me; her brown eyes glow as they reflect the sunlight. She gives me a soft kiss, “Good morning, baby.” I […]

My Delight

My thoughts, planted within our future; this vision of fulfillment taking away the pain of absence. Your silhouette wrapped in the sheets of a warm goodnight; the hope of tomorrow […]

Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Two of the most polarizing people in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were introduced to fans as members of the infamous “Shield”.  Since the betrayal of […]


A dreary Monday; the weather has mixed emotions. I find myself staring at nothing; lost in contemplation once again.   My reflection on the window glass pondering at the questions, […]


Evening shower drizzled Delight along her flesh, warm Moments rinsing away Specs of past resentments. Soft emotions wiping away Reflective steam; steps of Bare feet trekking fresh imprints On her […]