United We Fall

I don’t like flying, not due to fear of heights but due to all of the travel related headaches I go through from airport check-in to crowded planes.  United Airlines has never been a favorite choice of travel for me and this latest situation just solidifies my position. A passenger, David Dao, on UA flight 3411 at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport with a destination of Louisville, KY … Continue reading United We Fall

Reaction Videos and Controversies

Thanks to the FineBros, many of us are feeling slightly negative towards YouTube “Reaction” channels.  A couple of YouTube “Reaction” channels under fire belong to someone named “Jinx” and Tyrone Magnus. I am a subscriber of the Tyrone Magnus YouTube channel, due to the recommendation from Rob Jefferson of “Comics Explained”, and I find his videos very entertaining.  A little over a week ago, someone known … Continue reading Reaction Videos and Controversies