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Darkest Night

She ponders The bewilderment He left at her doorstep. Poignant recollections… Noticing him Staring at desire With a cynical glare. […]

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I don’t like where this path is trending. The cold air pressing against my back despite it not being winter. […]


Bad days. Chaos polluting my air. Anxiety restricting my common sense. I am hoping for the better, fighting to prevent […]


Sanity is slipping — an urge to be unseen — wishes cast into an empty well


We didn’t understand the terms. A relationship based on the premise of legal institution; the absence of love replaced with […]

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United We Fall

I don’t like flying, not due to fear of heights but due to all of the travel related headaches I […]


I watched the dawn with optimism — my hope for sunny days laid out in my dreams. I can feel […]

Scarlet Letter

Goodnight kisses placed upon the flesh of eager anticipation; a morning bouquet of roses found withering along the murky farewell.  […]


Cold winds killing the breath of life; Lands saturated with the bones of the dead. Pondering the meaning of so […]