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Bad Tale

It’s the start of the third act; the story is approaching a devastating turning point. The tale is so unbelievable […]


I walked along the dusty path; I lost my sense of direction. I crossed many boundaries, quietly and unnoticed. There […]


The needs of the few outweighed the needs of the many. An imbalance has cracked the foundation of our sanity. […]

Beach Front

It’s the weekend, and the beach is closed. All we can think about are surf and sand-castles. Let’s go; no […]


Religion lobbied on the premise of gluttony and greed. Wealth purchased catastrophe in return for atonement. We lost our money […]

Spare Change

I have a little cash in my pocket. We needed some canned goods and wine. They won’t take my money […]

End of the Line

We have reached a turning point, but there is no change to the story. Every moment is negligent escalation and […]


Once we had a common enemy, and we forgot our differences. Time changed our intentions. The voice for peace becomes […]

Penniless Thoughts

I often think of the future, and I am unable to sleep. I wish for monumental change—hypocrites painting pictures of […]

Saving Plan

As a teenager, I took jobs from warehouse/truck loading to fast-food. During that time, my mother took a portion of […]

New Shoes

When I was twelve years old, my parents took my brothers and me shopping for new sneakers. I remember finding […]

Not a Drop to Drink

It’s hot outside, and the watering holes are closed. They told us to go back home and drink from our […]


Summer sunshine, unable to brighten this darkened room. I am listening to the muffled breathing. My battery died, I’m unable […]


For so long, I did not understand the resentment. I thought my efforts to improve appeared subtle, so I worked […]


Leadership is an absent trait. Someone said, there are things more important than dying. Wealth is an addiction. Reports of […]


A crisis is a catalyst for disruption. Disaster leads to the acceleration of change. Do you feel that? Our homes […]

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There is a dark rift between us. It forces our journey along a circular path—footprints from the weight of frustrations. […]


Time is moving toward the vastness of nothingness—light vanishing at the unseen endpoint. So much, emptiness; my thoughts do not […]


He wrote something personal; scribbles of incoherent ramblings. She stumbled upon the sans script and immediately felt connected.


I’m afraid of the things lurking around the corner. Their presence identified by ominous shadows. I’m frightened of my inability […]

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Leap of Faith

It takes one bad experience to leave a negative impression; the year contains a plethora of moments covered in darkness […]

United We Fall

I don’t like flying, not due to fear of heights but due to all of the travel related headaches I […]

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It was a cold, winter night; frosty memories on the window’s glass. The time, it was slowly draining away. Early […]

Missing the Cons

I miss the comic conventions, the gathering of geeks, nerds, and misfits. I remember those cosplay moments, the feeling of […]

Only on Sunday

There is a baptist church in the center of the city. This lovely church has a diverse congregation. Every week, […]

Quiet Moment

A quiet moment within the summer night. The sound of cicadas breaking the silence. Crickets are playing hymns of forgotten […]

June 7, 2020

It is almost three months since my layoff due to COVID-19. For the first time, I do not have a […]


Sleepless nights blur the light of day. Trapped in the confines of delusion. Moments filled with ambiguous premonitions. Violent plagues […]

Tested Moments

Every day is the same; the seconds have stopped ticking. Moments are testing the strength of sanity. This incarceration for […]