Perspective Off Kilter

Sometimes, the “day-to-day” leading to the “day-by-day” often becomes our “grin and bear it” moment.  We find ourselves deciphering the riddles of life and in the darkness, we stare into the eyes of death.  The search for relevance and finding that place of purpose is ambitious and daunting.  We feel defeated when we cannot find the answers along our quest for completeness.  We no longer … Continue reading Perspective Off Kilter

Croatoan 2.0

The first episode of Supernatural season eleven looks like a blend of situations from previous seasons.  The darkness possess your body like a virus (more like Croatoan), Dean and Sam talking about changing their ways and yet they start off keeping secrets, a baby, Castiel in another predicament that requires help from Dean, and Crowley, well he’s Crowley. I am not sure how I feel … Continue reading Croatoan 2.0


The intoxication fades, we feel the mental torment of piercing venality. This pain leading us to fields of unrequited affection; Despondent emotions drifting towards the center of the night. We become lost, stumbling through the void into these broken plains; those untended fences damaged by the force of storms. Demons are in the mist, Phantoms are trampling love; T’is the nature of the season, it … Continue reading Sober

The End

We craved something different, we received more of the same. Our souls reached this beautiful place; hoping the fates will grant us domain. Our memoirs fading in the night yet the stars remember our names. Emptiness breaks our hearts; the blood dripping upon the flames. These moments are deteriorating rapidly; the hours crumbling from hefty disdain. Absence of time destroys a promise; our love is … Continue reading The End