Lethal Weapon

Sentences like shots fired Aimed at those who are different, focused, inspired. Sounds of violence heard Destruction of life by mere words. Hope is drained from their veins, Innocent emotions slain; The guilty make their excuse For their words and its use. Victims laid to rest every day, Killed by the things people say. Mankind wiped out not by guns, bombs,bio-injection Eliminated by simple words, … Continue reading Lethal Weapon

2:00 A.M.

  The rain finally subsides, allowing the moon to show its brevity of light on a couple’s inner sanctum. Their restless thoughts becoming whispers of an exchanging conversation; the feeling of serenity as their heads lay upon satin pillows.  Spontaneity triggers eruptions of laughter from within their hearts. He loves the way her voice reflects the joy within her soul, inducing an uncontrollable desire to feel her … Continue reading 2:00 A.M.