September 17, 2022

Temperatures are no longer in triple digits; Fall weather is approaching. I heard from a former co-worker today. More people left that company, and senior management fired one of the managers. It sounds like the environment is getting worse. I avoided the question about my plant; it died two months ago. I didn't have the … Continue reading September 17, 2022

September 8, 2022

Jaxx is adjusting well. He makes me smile. This week I’ve been assigned to work on process improvement initiatives. I’m unsure how I feel about it because of my recent experience. The weather was amicable despite the excessive heat. I took more walks than usual. I learned that Comedian David A. Arnold died of natural … Continue reading September 8, 2022

September 4, 2022

It's a three-day weekend. Saturday went by quickly. I watched Clash at the Castle, a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Premium Live Event, which was very entertaining. We spent the day with Jaxx, who is getting comfortable with his new home. Today is the end of a week-long excessive heat warning. Tomorrow is the unofficial end … Continue reading September 4, 2022


Another equinox descends;we're still waiting for the rain. I look around my neighborhood;life is dwindling to nothingbut abandonment and despair. Autumn winds blowing trash on my lawn.Smoke and ash paint the season. I can hear the echoes of disagreementsfading beyond the barking dogs.The street lights no longer turn on. Every dawn looks like the dusk.The … Continue reading Descent

Get Away

Spring rolled through like bruised apples; the house still smells like Winter. Somewhere is a missed opportunity. Summer is turning into hot pumpkin lattes. No one gives a cent because someone is hoarding coins—yadda, yadda, yadda, dum-dum diddy. We lost our getaway, our annual moment of jubilee.


He saw her face again, under a different circumstance; memories still lingering within the fragrance. What they had was but a diversion; the acquaintance of familiarity at a fork in the road. Their attraction was the means for her mental distraction from the cuts and abrasions inflicted by so much broken glass. The prick of affection; … Continue reading Interim

Always and Forever

He buries his heart Beneath a bed of broken Thorns feeling the autumn Breeze becoming Winter winds along a Darkened sky. Carrying tiny Shards of reality along his Emotions slicing the pages From his mind's diary made Cynical by the freezing December night. As the year Enters another twilight pressing Against his recollections of her … Continue reading Always and Forever

Subtle Hint

A new equinox rests upon the horizon; it seemed like it would never arrive. The touch of a cool breeze upon the nape of my neck. Sending a chill along my spine; goose bumps of impending excitement. I find myself thinking about her beautiful autumn eyes; wanting to taste the pumpkin spice on her lips. … Continue reading Subtle Hint