Only on Sunday

There is a baptist church in the center of the city. This lovely church has a diverse congregation. Every week, the church encourages the group to give their tithes and offerings diligently. Recently, the church postponed its weekly gathering due to the global pandemic. However, the pastor made it a point to send weekly messages … Continue reading Only on Sunday

Breathless in the Great Recession

COVID-19 continues to affect our way of life. My brother informed me that his father-in-law passed away due to the virus. States are lifting their shelter-in-place ordinances, and people are massing within their social circles. Alleged experts are warning of a resurgence in cases. As if things weren't bad enough, there is a report of … Continue reading Breathless in the Great Recession

Candy Land

Every night and every day we see some candy behind the glass display. Predetermined goodies for consumption; those cream-filled morsels upfront to tantalize our presumptions. Vanilla treats beneath the lights; devoid of illumination are those dark chocolate delights. We took pity on the cookies and cream ignoring the chocolate dreams as they melted away.