Saving Plan

As a teenager, I took jobs from warehouse/truck loading to fast-food. During that time, my mother took a portion of the money I earned and put it in an envelope. She told me it was to help me save for a rainy day. I made the minimum wage, which wasn't much money in the mid-1980s. … Continue reading Saving Plan

Circular Reference

Ecclesiastes 1:9 says that "there is nothing new under the sun." Everything we experience has allegedly happened before—a very relatable notion in my life—the sense of deja vu having a new meaning. I think about the moments and conversations—the cycle of seasons and routines. However, I am stuck in the proverbial loop. People, places, and … Continue reading Circular Reference

Lost Marvels

Days spent wasting time looking for green grass on the other side. Instead finding lies because there’s no grass at all. I close my eyes Becoming invisible to the world exploring imaginations inside my naïve mind. To dream amazing things. To live astonishing ways. To be extraordinary. Lost among the marvels; experiencing the childlike wonderment … Continue reading Lost Marvels