I feel exhausted. The presence of anxiety keeps me up at night; I am blindsided by my mornings. I often wish for things seen in fairytales. I have forgotten how to dream. I felt the rain and heard the warnings of the storm. Shaken by this dark foreboding. The news carries messages of death and demise. Dewdrop recollections. The pages of my childhood are ripped … Continue reading Stricken

Broken Foundation.

We saw your silhouette on the foggy horizon. You were lost, broken, and seeking acceptance. An emptiness filled by the opening of a kind domain. You were given a safe haven. However, points of view quickly became distorted. You decided to etch your unexpected displeasure on every surface. This beautiful place disgraced by the subtle and hurtful graffiti. The walls are repainted and the floors … Continue reading Broken Foundation.