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Tag: death

San Bernardino

As of this post, fourteen people are dead from the shooting at the Inland Regional Center, a center for people with developmental disabilities in San Bernardino, California.  Three suspects used long […]

Review: The Walking Dead – Heads Up

AMC finally revealed the fate of Glenn.  Just like everyone expected, he survived under the dumpster.  Enid is still putting “JSS” in action.  Jedi Morgan and his “all life is […]

Shadow of Death

I created this place upon the black sand To feel the contrast against the blue sky. Windows nothing but hollow places Displaying the light as it Passes by. I listen […]

Twenty Oh Nine

Phantoms rise; Circling vapors carry Unavoidable tandem. Delight abandons the sky, Frightened by gruesome reflections; Images no longer are hidden Behind the veil. Contentious desires falling Among devilish illusions; Drowning […]