April 3, 2022

Work continues to keep me busy. We launched a new onboarding program and the new learn platform. I'm feeling burnt out, which is unfortunate because our new vice president and the chief executive officer are visiting next week. We've all been talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. Marvel released "Moon Knight" on Disney Plus. … Continue reading April 3, 2022


A sudden fracture within the norm gave way to an unexpected tragedy. A single infection shut down the world. Despite the unprecedented events, we sought peace and equality. Our reality is now planted in a virtual world. A King showed us the meaning of strength and commitment; a loss we cannot recover. Politicians forsaking the … Continue reading 2020

Spare Change

I have a little cash in my pocket. We needed some canned goods and wine. They won't take my money because there is no loose change: quarters, pennies, nickels, and dimes. Cash on-hand has no value. I have no credit nor digital currency to exchange. In eighteen months, will this situation remain?

Breathless in the Great Recession

COVID-19 continues to affect our way of life. My brother informed me that his father-in-law passed away due to the virus. States are lifting their shelter-in-place ordinances, and people are massing within their social circles. Alleged experts are warning of a resurgence in cases. As if things weren't bad enough, there is a report of … Continue reading Breathless in the Great Recession