Something to Talk About

My live stream about Wanda Vision winning Emmys, Shang Chi Box Office Earnings, AEW, and NFL Fantasy Football while recapping my day trip to Southern California. I am looking for topics to talk about with subscribers. If you have ideas that you believe would be interesting for content then please let me know in the … Continue reading Something to Talk About


A sudden fracture within the norm gave way to an unexpected tragedy. A single infection shut down the world. Despite the unprecedented events, we sought peace and equality. Our reality is now planted in a virtual world. A King showed us the meaning of strength and commitment; a loss we cannot recover. Politicians forsaking the … Continue reading 2020

The World Has Changed | Every Moment is a Story Play the video... The needs of the few outweighed the needs of the many. An imbalance has cracked the foundation of our sanity. The world is ending—our grinding for purpose destroyed by healthy greed. Everything is changed. The vibrant colors have faded; the melody of music has dissipated. I think my mind has failed. … Continue reading The World Has Changed | Every Moment is a Story

Review: Doctor Strange

On Saturday, I watched the film "Doctor Strange".  It was a long wait since the first trailer preview aired months ago and well worth it.  This movie defines a key turning point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as magic and the multiverse are now a reality. Casting Marvel Studios did a fine job with casting … Continue reading Review: Doctor Strange

An Art of War

'In order to create, one must first destroy.'   This video is about the outcome of a business managed by friendship.  It is clear that friendships have no solid place within business partnerships. Read Welfare Checks to get the background behind this video. Check out Social Blade to see the comparison between the YouTube Channels.  Chris … Continue reading An Art of War

Review: X-Men Apocalypse

On Friday, I watched the film "X-Men: Apocalypse". The plot was very obvious, the worlds oldest and most powerful mutant awakens to destroy the world. It is 1983, about ten years after the events of "Days of Future Past".  The arc for many of the characters in the film was coming out of hiding to take a stand. … Continue reading Review: X-Men Apocalypse

Review: The Flash | Arrow | Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash Barry Allen merged with the Speed-Force.  This episode, “The Runaway Dinosaur” is one of the season’s best.  It made me think of the Speed-Force as “Yoda” teaching Barry as “Luke Skywalker” how to become one with the “force”.  The star of the episode was Iris West; she was pivotal in bringing Barry back … Continue reading Review: The Flash | Arrow | Legends of Tomorrow

Review: Captain America “Civil War”

I watched Marvel's Captain America Civil War.  The film was great and kudos to the Russo brothers for their excellent direction.  While this is a film continuation of the  Captain America story arc, it felt like an Avengers film and rightfully so.  There was amazing balance despite the depth of the hero roster. "Choice" is the … Continue reading Review: Captain America “Civil War”