I can’t believe that we are in the month of July.  The year 2016 is a cluster of bad news and professional frustrations.  Nothing is what it seems.  The world is a very cruel place.  I fell into a very strong pessimistic mindset, which is tainting my views on life. My time spent writing has diminished.  This is probably due to a lack of creativity.  Besides, no … Continue reading Mid-Way

Review: X-Men Apocalypse

On Friday, I watched the film “X-Men: Apocalypse”. The plot was very obvious, the worlds oldest and most powerful mutant awakens to destroy the world. It is 1983, about ten years after the events of “Days of Future Past”.  The arc for many of the characters in the film was coming out of hiding to take a stand. Charles Xavier After the events of “First Class” and “Days … Continue reading Review: X-Men Apocalypse