The intoxication fades, we feel the mental torment of piercing venality. This pain leading us to fields of unrequited affection; Despondent emotions drifting towards the center of the night. We become lost, stumbling through the void into these broken plains; those untended fences damaged by the force of storms. Demons are in the mist, Phantoms are trampling love; T’is the nature of the season, it … Continue reading Sober

The End

We craved something different, we received more of the same. Our souls reached this beautiful place; hoping the fates will grant us domain. Our memoirs fading in the night yet the stars remember our names. Emptiness breaks our hearts; the blood dripping on the flames. These moments are deteriorating rapidly; the hours crumbling from hefty disdain. The absence of time destroys a promise; our love … Continue reading The End

Every Time It Rains

It is raining… Rain drops rekindle tragic memories; thoughts of a situation that should not have been. Lightning exposes my soul; revealing the secrets kept within. Thunder announces my deepest feelings to the world and ties it to my name. Drenched with embarrassment and the damp air silhouettes my shame. It is raining… And with every drop, I am reminded of what has changed. Every … Continue reading Every Time It Rains


Mornings have gotten a little darker; the light of day a little shorter. Wiping the dust from these abandoned memoirs; fingerprints remaining on the discarded history. Autumn leaves departing from the dying trees. The ground saturated by the fallen. Our time has ended. Watching nature say goodbye; listening to the message of a season’s eulogy. Continue reading Leaves