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Tag: Fiction


Darkness recalls my fall into the open field of nightmares. A bloody nose is an atrocity.  The unexpected heat against a sweaty brow; angst tempered by a gentle breeze on […]


Beautifully poured stories; a fulfillment to erase the fiction. A deep inhalation; A couple of sips tasting addictive truth. The red motions, tart and sweet; a full bodied swirling confession.

Review: X-Men Apocalypse

On Friday, I watched the film “X-Men: Apocalypse”. The plot was very obvious, the worlds oldest and most powerful mutant awakens to destroy the world. It is 1983, about ten years […]

Review: Captain America “Civil War”

I watched Marvel’s Captain America Civil War.  The film was great and kudos to the Russo brothers for their excellent direction.  While this is a film continuation of the  Captain America […]

Review: The Walking Dead “East”

“I’m going like I should have. Don’t come after me, please.” – Carol Carol’s departure is just the beginning of the end; we hear the song, “It’s All Over” by […]


Nothing is as it seems; illusions glimmer within the afternoon light. Daydreams, rolling cascades of fiction beneath a tired brow. Waiting… wondering… heartbeats of folly to fill the emptiness. Smiling […]

Review: Deadpool Movie

Today, I watched the Deadpool movie and it was great.  The opening credits were brilliant; no proper names just descriptions and images such as a Starbucks coffee cup with the […]

Cold Night of Redemption

The darkness of night collapses around a small town. Out of the shadows, a man appears, running for his life. “It’s done and over,” he tells himself; running towards the […]


The sunrise is the moment for a man to ponder the effect of past events on the present moment.  Dressed in dark colors inconspicuous; the wardrobe mimics the morning sky.  He places […]