Only on Sunday

There is a baptist church in the center of the city. This lovely church has a diverse congregation. Every week, the church encourages the group to give their tithes and offerings diligently. Recently, the church postponed its weekly gathering due to the global pandemic. However, the pastor made it a point to send weekly messages … Continue reading Only on Sunday


Darkness recalls my fall into the open field of nightmares. A bloody nose is an atrocity.  The unexpected heat against a sweaty brow; angst tempered by a gentle breeze on the neck.  How long have we been here?  This seemingly endless desert and the abandoned dwellings held in place by the naked cacti.  “What the … Continue reading Defiance

Review: X-Men Apocalypse

On Friday, I watched the film "X-Men: Apocalypse". The plot was very obvious, the worlds oldest and most powerful mutant awakens to destroy the world. It is 1983, about ten years after the events of "Days of Future Past".  The arc for many of the characters in the film was coming out of hiding to take a stand. … Continue reading Review: X-Men Apocalypse

Review: The Flash | Arrow | Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash Barry Allen merged with the Speed-Force.  This episode, “The Runaway Dinosaur” is one of the season’s best.  It made me think of the Speed-Force as “Yoda” teaching Barry as “Luke Skywalker” how to become one with the “force”.  The star of the episode was Iris West; she was pivotal in bringing Barry back … Continue reading Review: The Flash | Arrow | Legends of Tomorrow

Review: Captain America “Civil War”

I watched Marvel's Captain America Civil War.  The film was great and kudos to the Russo brothers for their excellent direction.  While this is a film continuation of the  Captain America story arc, it felt like an Avengers film and rightfully so.  There was amazing balance despite the depth of the hero roster. "Choice" is the … Continue reading Review: Captain America “Civil War”

Review: Fear The Walking Dead “Ouroboros”

Tonight, we got to see Flight 462 on Fear the Walking Dead.  Alex (I thought her name was Charlie), Jake and a few men survive the crash and make it on a life raft.  Jake is severely burned and dying.  On the Abigail, Strand is coordinating plans with the mysterious person on the phone.  The boat experiences mechanical … Continue reading Review: Fear The Walking Dead “Ouroboros”

Review: The Walking Dead “East”

"I'm going like I should have. Don't come after me, please." - Carol Carol's departure is just the beginning of the end; we hear the song, "It's All Over" by Johnny Cash.  We see the various relationships and connections both good and bad.  Everyone acting on impulses as they fear the impending attack from the … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead “East”

Review: Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice

I watched "Batman v. Superman - Dawn of Justice".  It wasn't as bad as some critics indicated but it wasn't great either.  There were many things put into this movie.  Some things connected the story well and other things did not.  The beginning was decent, the middle was okay, and the ending was disappointing. Just … Continue reading Review: Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice

Review: The Walking Dead – Not Tomorrow Yet

Well, the escalation continued in The Walking Dead episode twelve titled, "Not Tomorrow Yet" as Rick makes good on his promise to the people of Hilltop by going out to kill Negan and the Saviors. A bit of a recap: Carol, doing the things a mom does, baking cookies and sharing the creative goodness of the … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead – Not Tomorrow Yet

Review: Deadpool Movie

Today, I watched the Deadpool movie and it was great.  The opening credits were brilliant; no proper names just descriptions and images such as a Starbucks coffee cup with the name "Rob L" written on it and the picture of Green Lantern falling out of someone's wallet. The opening credits also displayed images familiar to … Continue reading Review: Deadpool Movie

Cold Night of Redemption

The darkness of night collapses around a small town. Out of the shadows, a man appears, running for his life. “It's done and over," he tells himself; running towards the black sedan, pulse racing with excitement. Heavy rainfall soaks him to the bone while fumbling for the car keys in his jacket pocket. He tosses … Continue reading Cold Night of Redemption

Review: Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot – Part Two”

Traveling back to the year 1975 (I was about 7 years old by the way) to either capture or kill Vandal Savage.  Part one of 'Pilot" brought the team together and part two of this episode gave them a purpose.  In part two, we watched the team pick up the pieces and build a plan … Continue reading Review: Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot – Part Two”

Review: Supernatural “Devil in the Details”

"Snapping necks and cashing checks, it’s what I do." - Lucifer I watched the mid-season première of Supernatural.   It starts with Dean attempting to reach Sam by cell-phone while driving back to where Amara's fight with the host of angels.  Dean gets sick and spews his breakfast.  Castiel finds Dean on the side of the … Continue reading Review: Supernatural “Devil in the Details”


The sunrise is the moment for a man to ponder the effect of past events on the present moment.  Dressed in dark colors inconspicuous; the wardrobe mimics the morning sky.  He places a finger to his mind, directing his thoughts to the decision that fate happens for a reason. A reason requiring keen insight from the divine … Continue reading Bittersweet

One Last Time

Father_time_by_alexstoneart-d59w2i1 Everything we were and yet to be has reached its conclusion.  I almost did not make it to this moment, a few more seconds and I would have been greeted by darkness and emptiness.  Winter's light soon disperses into night on the last day of a year's twilight... Sitting upon an old chair listening … Continue reading One Last Time

Review: The Walking Dead – Heads Up

AMC finally revealed the fate of Glenn.  Just like everyone expected, he survived under the dumpster.  Enid is still putting "JSS" in action.  Jedi Morgan and his "all life is precious" philosophy is not suitable against the dark side; asking Denise to help him heal his captured wolf is a bad idea.  Ron stealing bullets … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead – Heads Up

Review: The Walking Dead – “Here’s Not Here”

I spent the week recovering from the heart-stopping last moments of last week's episode.  Like so many viewers, I question Glenn's death waiting to find out his fate.  In this episode, we saw Morgan's back-story; his journey after the death of his son.  Every so often, we would see the word "clear", "pointless acts", and … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead – “Here’s Not Here”