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Tag: hope


My journey is unexplained; there is no meaning.I have lost my place, my anchor detached. My dreams are crazy; no one understands.I have misplaced my sanity, my hope denied. My […]

Momentous Hope

There is a vibe I cannot explain. I continue watering the dying tree; the autumn morning is a little darker. Last night, I watched a spectacle between two grumpy elders. […]

Waning Moments

Staring at the darkened moon; Sensing some lingering resentment. Looking at a dismal future; Believing things can be different.


A soft and sensual silhouette; Springtime in the distance. Gentle breeze whispering anecdotes; Sunlight’s smile so reminiscent. Lingering behind the shadows; Hiding those deeply rooted affections. Questioning whether this familiar road […]