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Tag: Loss


It has been a year since the events that led to my demise. The logical decisions resulting in emotional decay. Starting over to find a solution. An education of sorts. […]


Waking to a dimly lit sunrise Smiling at the hope of promise Day darkens quickly Shadows pummel a shaken spirit Seeking salvation in the darkness Falling towards despair Lying within […]


It was a simple assignment. I wasn’t supposed to stay very long. They said the chaos and frustrations were only temporary. A maddening predicament. They took my trust. In the […]

Broken Foundation.

We saw your silhouette on the foggy horizon. You were lost, broken, and seeking acceptance. An emptiness filled by the opening of a kind domain. You were given a safe […]

So Long

Never stay too long. Success invites contempt. Every entrance requires an exit. So, I have learned.

Darkest Hour

Night seems Eternal. Waiting no Longer. Taking new Paths. Seeing the light. Comfort and Joy.


I used to bask in the morning light. Nuclear Winter clouds the sky. The temperature dips below the freezing line.  My fear subsides with the fading sunlight.  It is in […]


Tiny snowflakes; gentle kisses. Wishing for eternity. Sobering chill of the night.


I’ve forgotten the words. Sunlight is fading so soon. Falling was impactful. More than I realized.

Loose Lips

Speaking amidst the contemplation. Vocalizing our sincerest delights beneath the quilt of amendments. Priceless thoughts; our true life. Accounting for every word given. War poisoned our ideals. Vocabulary twisted unequivocally; […]


So close to the moment of relief. Circumstances wrecked the perfect timing. The levy of emotions flooding the soil. There is still time. But faith is all that remains to […]

Free Falling

I looked at the decision Remembering my hazy concern Realizing I have fallen deeply Beneath the murky despair.


You thought your plan was solid; deception swirling within a handshake. Our good standing placed in a lockbox as a convenient keepsake . I warned you that things could not […]


Snowflakes start their fall; Barely seen. Crashes on the terrain; Never heard. Touches on the skin; We remember.


I waited too long. It’s unlike me to stay in one place, rooted to the floor. Everything is withering to dust. I squandered the opportunity for satisfaction. Loyalty was the […]


Listening to the tides; Beneath the clear night sky as the fire dies. Dissipating imaginations rise but something stokes the flames and the fire burns hot again.