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Tag: Love

Ten Again

It is the end of the year 2019, and another decade is coming to a close. Ten years moved like the seconds of a clock. It was taking the time […]


Absence of her joyful countenance. Her presence replaced with the pouring rain.


Rum and Coke; diluting frosty shards. Taste of reminiscence; scent of delight. Some pencil sketches. Those candid creations. No erasures. Lines forming collaboration. Moment caressing nostalgia. A connected imagination. Colors […]

Broken Foundation.

We saw your silhouette on the foggy horizon. You were lost, broken, and seeking acceptance. An emptiness filled by the opening of a kind domain. You were given a safe […]

So Long

Never stay too long. Success invites contempt. Every entrance requires an exit. So, I have learned.

Dearest Sentiments

Misty memories from the rising tides. I remember the storm; the destruction from the violent rain. Confusion ravaged our endearing thoughts. We were lost in the fog but we never […]

Simple Finale

The thought of growing old in this world concerns me.  This life of constant judgment and turmoil is not my Utopia.  We are left with the maddening ways of an untoward […]


Fractured smiles seeking hope. Limping along the crooked lines. Broken at the center of affection. Crippled for the sake of love.


Beginnings of an ending; Slow burn of a flame; Heart full of antagonism. Love is dying again.


It started with a smile; the thoughts of simplicity. Indigo hue day and night. Parted lips unable to speak. A heart beating morse code.


The end of our journey on the horizon’s center; the last stop to this asylum in the midst of winter. Darlings of destitution painting erotic distractions on the latex; the […]


Listening to the tides; Beneath the clear night sky as the fire dies. Dissipating imaginations rise but something stokes the flames and the fire burns hot again.


We felt the rain; sentiment drenched in humidity. The storm uncontained; becomes beautiful chaos in the sky.

A Sip

Taking a sip from The cup of infatuation Slowly feeling the buzz of Drunken absurdity


The plot thickens; he played the game So timid, so close to victory, tasting a hint of defeat. The game of his life, trashed and trodden Beneath unexpected cowardice. Jack […]

A Kiss

Summer rain falls Beneath colorless skies. Vision clouded within Her young brown eyes. Misty trepidation rinse Away fairytale dreams. Confusion touches her mind. Drizzling moments drive Her senses to the […]