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Tag: Mother

Saving Plan

As a teenager, I took jobs from warehouse/truck loading to fast-food. During that time, my mother took a portion of the money I earned and put it in an envelope. […]

New Shoes

When I was twelve years old, my parents took my brothers and me shopping for new sneakers. I remember finding black canvas Converse Chuck Taylors. My father asked me whether […]

The Mother’s Day Experience

I sent my mother a text, “Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday” last night. Her response this morning at 6:15a.m., “Thank you very much.” Then she sent, “I am not […]

Two Words

Gentle rain Falling softly To the ground; Nature’s tears Washing its wounds. Father Time Writes his last words; Recounting his mistakes Repeated From his predecessor. Looking at Mother Nature, Sorrow […]