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Tag: NaBloPoMo


A simple invitation, written in prose, fearful that the quiet voice would disrupt the words; the ambient light of candles raised their courting desires. They tasted decadence upon the plates, […]

Review: The Walking Dead – “Now”

Last time I saw Rick Grimes, he was in an RV with a herd of walkers encircling the vehicle.  Tonight, he is running toward the safe zone yelling, “Open the […]


Gentle breeze becoming A violent storm; Listening to the whispers Within the rain. Setting myself adrift On, the crashing waves; Allowing the currents To take me…wherever.

Good Intentions

Promise me Forever; Lie with intent To love eternity. Feign the strength of A god, Hold the weakness of A mortal. Never let “love” slip From this deep caress; Not […]