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Tag: NaPoMo

End of Time

Here we are today; four weeks from the end of time.  Moments reflecting along the thoughts once transparent.  Falling stars turn to snowflakes; frosty dreams covering the horror of nightmares.   […]


Cosmic phenomena without explanation. Knots along the shaded threads. A horizon tied to ambiguous moments tempered by the hand of God. Time is no longer linear. Losing my way within […]


Collapsing dreams in the sudden storm. Awakening beneath the lies. Remembering those faces. Absorbing the pain. Helping hands extended then taken away. Wanting to remove the stench of sorrow from […]


I took a chance on a moment, a time without certainty. Forgotten promises missing from those dormant dreams. I looked into the distance and witnessed the obscurity. Foggy perceptions lying […]