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Tag: night

Created Equal

Our days numbered by man; our moments riddled with despair. We can’t run from our past; we can’t hide from our present. We walk in the shadow of death; we’re […]

Until Dawn

Sleepless light from A silver moon, Thoughts besieged by Whispering voices Rustling against the thickets; Calling upon the Muse to Christen this summer night.

Restless Night

I did not sleep well last night. My mind, racing, thoughts of work and weird dreams; attempting to find reasons within these ill-fated scenarios. These expectations cut me like a […]

Pot of Gold

We despise the sunset; the night taunts our sanity. Twilight beckons our slumber; we are not ready to sleep.   We seek the sunrise; the day pretends to matter. Gusting […]